Puppy Finder

There are many ways to get a puppy:

  1. Animal Rescue
  2. Pet shop or Puppy Store
  3. Humane Society or Animal Control
  4. Merryfield Motel for Pets and Daycare “Puppy Finder Service”

Merrfield only deals with show kennels or individuals that are actively showing their adult dogs. When you’re showing your dog it puts you and your dogs in the very public spot light. It puts a lot of pressure on that person; their reputation is on the line in a public way, in front of a lot of people and their peers.

The reason this is so important is because it requires the breeder to spend money on their dogs. Show entrace fees, handlers, trainers, and groomers. It also requires certain medical testing as well. The coveted reward is when they get a “Champion” status placed on their dog. It requires 15 points of which 3 shows must be majors. It takes a real commitment the campaign a dog, and there are no guarantees that just because you show your dog, will you be able to finish it as a champion!

Conformation Dog shows, or “conformation” events, are the signature events of the AKC. They concentrate on the distinctive features of purebred dogs and help to preserve these characteristics by providing a forum at which to evaluate breeding stock.

Exhibits are judges against individual breed standards, which have been established for the AKC-recognized breeds by their parent clubs. These written standards describe the ideal size, color, and temperament of each breed, as well as correct proportion, structure, and movement.

What this means to you, the puppy buyer, is a dog with a better temperament, more structurally sound and a better looking puppy with a lot better chance of little to no genetic problems.

The way pet stories acquire their puppies is from “Professional Breeders” These are kennels that just breed dogs. They never have the same pressures that a Show Kennel has; they don’t bother because it’s a money issue. They very rarely show their dogs. Their dogs are normally sold out their front door or to a broker. The broker then sells the puppy to a pet shop or puppy store. As the puppy goes from the breeder to the broker, additional stress is put on the young puppy. The puppy normally stays in the brokers compound until it’s sold. Then it’s either transported by truck or flown to the pet shop. When the puppy arrives at the pet shop or puppy store, it’s subjected to additional stress. A changed environment, different foods, and greater susceptibility to illnesses because you have many puppies from different environments all grouped together. This is a lot like sending your young child to day care. You spend a lot more money at the pediatrician then you do at the daycare center.

When dealing with the Show Kennel, or an individual that is activaly showing, they NEVER sell their puppies to a pet shop or puppy store.

Merryfield charges $200 to find the right puppy. We get pictures of the Mother and Father, the pedigree and pictures of the puppies. If it passes your approval, then we make a 3 way call and you buy that puppy directly from that breeder. Merryfield is not involved in the transaction. This means we do not make any money from the breeder whatsoever.

Why should you let Merryfield help? The owner has been buying puppies for over 33 years and has been responsible for the sale of over 50,000 puppies in that time period. There has been a wealth of knowledge acquired and can be put to good use to you, the buyer, when it comes time for your new puppy.

We have found that this approach is much more ethical, reliable and you the buyer; get superior puppy with a lot less stress.