Merryfield has created an upscale facility to care for your pet while you’re working or if you are going away. We are the alternative to leaving your dog home all day or while you’re out of town.

We have suites for pets! Every pet has his or her very own luxury accommodations, their own little apartment, their own  overhead fan, doggie cot, throw rug, the works!! They get out and play in the the doggie playground.

That’s what their day is like. When the activities are over, they are exhausted. Ready to go back to their suite and sleep very soundly!

Personalized service and attention is our true mission! We realize that pets are like our children, and so we give them plenty of love, attention and affection. It’s comforting to know that there is a place with an experienced loving staff. We will be their foster parents when you’re not there!

Merryfield was established in 1961 and current ownership has had it for over 40 years.

There is 24-hour care and we have a Vet Tech and our Kennel Manager that live here in the 2nd floor apartments.

We also have a full service Animal Hospital on premises for your pet’s health needs and emergencies.